3 YouTubers to follow for the best Cryptocurrency updates

Cut out the noise and watch these YouTubers for the best advice you can get on Cryptocurrency.

3 YouTubers to follow for the best Cryptocurrency updates

There is so information going around about the latest Cryptocurrency trends, and you don't know which piece of information to pay attention to. Why not listen to some of the most well-known voices in the Cryptocurrency space on YouTube and see where that takes you?

Sheldon Evans

Browse the comments on his videos, and you would inevitably come across fans who comment on how they enjoy listening to Benedict Cumberbatch talk about cryptocurrency and investing. That's because Sheldon Evans does indeed resemble Benedict Cumberbatch – not entirely, but just enough to remind you of Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange is now working his magic on Cryptocurrency

The Moon (Carl Eric Martin)

Carl couldn't have chosen a better name for his Youtube channel. The Moon exaaaaaactly captures the essence of his content: to help his viewers reach the moon with his very timely video updates on the price movements of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrency.

Exaaaaaactly the video we need for updates on Cryptocurrency

Chicken Genius Singapore (Ken Teng)

While Ken is better known for his insightful content on Tesla and clever use of the term "donkey", he is also an advocate for investing in Bitcoin. If you are an investor who prefers to invest selectively and only in a small selection of top-tier stocks or cryptocurrency, then Chicken Genius Singapore is the channel for you to follow.

Watch Ken for insights that'll set you up for investing success