7 practical things you can buy with cryptocurrency using BitPay

Looking for ideas on how to spend your crytocurrency? Here are 7 of the most practical things you can buy with BitPay.

7 practical things you can buy with cryptocurrency using BitPay

Spending cryptocurrency like cash is picking up steam with the emergence of crypto payment service providers such as Bitpay and the increase in merchants' acceptance of crypto instead of cash. We save you the trouble of finding out where you can spend your stash of Bitcoin and sussed out 7 of the most practical things on which you can spend your hard-earned cryptocurrency on.

Note: All of the merchants mentioned in this list are accepting cryptocurrency as payment via BitPay.

VPN from ExpressVPN

Who doesn't need a VPN service? VPN comes in extremely handy when you want to overcome country restrictions when streaming online content or accessing your files securely for work purposes. ExpressVPN is one of the best in the market, with excellent customer support.

Hardware Wallet from Ledger

If you are searching for places to spend your cryptocurrency, chances are you are already pretty familiar with the idea of hardware wallets. Ledger wallet is one of the most popular hardware wallets around, and if you haven't gotten one already, now would be a great time to buy one with your Bitcoin.

Twitch Bits

Supporting your favourite game streamer on Twitch with Bits? You can now purchase Bits on Twitch with cryptocurrency. Cheering on Twitch with more Bits unlocks cooler Cheermote animations, more Badges and helps you gain a better chance to be recognized as a supporter on Top Cheerer leaderboards.

Gift Cards from Amazon

What could be better than giving someone something that they want as a present? That is probably giving them the cash and freedom to buy whatever they want. An Amazon Gift Card, in this case, is as good as cash. They can use that credit to purchase almost anything on Amazon's exhaustive catalogue.

Domains from Namecheap

Almost everyone you know owns a domain by now, whether for personal branding purposes or for their side hustle and business. Namecheap is one of the best places to get a domain name – they are known for their reliability and, like the name suggests, low prices.

Shipping Services from Shipito

If you aren't from the United States, you will find a freight forwarding service such as Shipito to be handy when purchasing something from retailers based in the United States. Shipito has been around for a long time, and they are one of the most preferred freight forwarders for the United States market.

Video Games from Playasia

We are spending more time at our homes than ever, and playing video games has become somewhat necessary to pass the time with the absence of travel. Playasia offers a myriad of video games, exclusive collectables, limited edition gaming items, and gift cards to make your gaming experience an even more engaging and immersive one.